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Almost all organizations confront the challenge of effectively managing their growing volumes of documents. Document management is an arduous process and often proves its ineffectiveness when you need to retrieve a specific document.

HTC’s docuSTACK is an Enterprise class Document Management solution that facilitates effective management of the document life cycle – document creation / scanning, storage, version control, archival, retrieval, and delivery. docuSTACK uses a powerful search engine that permits users to perform more inclusive and comprehensive searches that are extremely accurate.

docuSTACK provides advance search features to search and retrieve documents using keywords, searching within document specific metadata, or browsing document folders. The application allows user to perform key word (Fuzzy) and advanced searches (Boolean). It also provides a unified digital repository for documents and streamlines access, retrieval, delivery, archival, configuration, and reuse of information.

docuSTACK has the following features:
Full-text OCR and barcode support

Metadata Management

Store and organize documents in folders and collections

Define multiple folder types, multiple document types and attributes

Batch and online upload of documents and data

Search, browse and retrieve documents

Search full-text and index attributes with fuzzy search capability

Document Check -in/Check-out and versioning

Export documents

Zoom-in / zoom-out

Configure the required level of security for the documents